So, you're committed to making a positive change to your mind and body?!


At Energise Wellbeing, we offer 2 Transform Packages a Inspired Yogi package and a Complete Wellbeing Package, to help you achieve the results you want through progressive planning, training reviews, measurements, nutritional understanding, 2-3 weekly sessions and regular client contact.

Check out our 8 week programmes below.

8 Week "Kickstart" Transformation Package

2 x sessions / week


This is a great base start for those looking to get into or return to fitness, able to commit to 2 sessions per week at the gym, home or studio or outdoors and looking to build a good grounding in training and moving towards a better you. Online and in-person available.


3,6 and 12mth packages available


8 week "Inspired Yogi" Package

3 x sessions / week


An ideal place to start or develop your practice both in yoga asana but also through meditation and breath work. Suitable for complete beginners through to intermediate level. Online and in-person available.





8 Week "Ultimate" Transformation Package

3 x sessions / week


Looking to make some real gains and improvements in your fitness journey and are committed to putting in the hard work? Then this is the package for you. Online and in-person available.

3,6 and 12mth packages available

8 week "The Complete Wellbeing" Package

5 sessions / week



Focussing on mind, body and overall nutrition. This package will give you a comprehensive range of wellbeing options including; Weight Training, Cardiovascular Training, Yoga/Barre/Pilates Training, Mindfulness/Meditation as well as a refocus on your nutrition.