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"Maddy is a great motivator and very calm. She always gives multiple ways of doing an exercise to help all ranges of ability. Her classes are challenging but fun. I highly recommend Maddy as an instructor and the BabyFit classes are a great way to return to fitness whilst having a good laugh along the way" 


Mrs Moss

I had been feeling low after the lockdown and although I was running a few times a week, my pace was still very slow and I always felt quite lethargic. Maddy has been amazing with her fitness plans for me. We have worked on so many areas of my fitness, physical and mental. I have learnt alot about my strengths and weaknesses whilst also having fun. I'm glad I made the decision to invest in myself

K Viney

"I decided after lockdown that the time was right to try and get a bit fitter.
A good friend of mine had told me that the best way to get fit was to have a personal trainer. I googled around and found Maddie who is based in Shepton Mallet, just up the road
I have been using Maddie since March and she has been simply amazing, I have seen true improvements and that weekly fix keeps me on the straight and narrow.
I actually think Maddie is the best kept secret in Somerset!"

Mr Hopkins

"In a bit of a rut and need a bit of motivation to get fit, well you cant get any better than Maddy at Energise Wellbeing. There's always plenty of variation in the exercise programme so you can't get bored. 

Maddy manages to motivate in a friendly manner, even when I give her a load of back chat, which makes it really hard not to keep going. I've been going to Maddy for a few months now and am really noticing the benefits , I've lost a bit of weight and find things easier every week (but don't tell Maddy). Definately 5 stars from me, you just can't get better."

Mr Dawson

"Maddy does me the power of good let me tell you! I'm 60 at the end of June (2019) and feared gym work let alone a personal trainer, i've heard horror stories but i would recommend Maddy to anyone regardless of age, sex or ability. She gives so much encouragement and advice not just with exercise  but nutrition too. I'm so glad I found her"

Mr Downs

" I attend Maddy's Hybrid XT class and love it. Lots of energy, good pace, easier versions of exercises for those who are new to it and not so fit (like me!) and Maddy is a great instructor. Very helpful, highly recommend!"

Mrs Stride

"I've paid for upgrades in the past to go faster, but nothing comes close to paying for a training plan by Energise PT. In the months I've had a focused training gym plan, I can not just see, but feel, the difference. The first in many years, and would not continue without getting support from EnergisePT" 2017 - Amateur Cyclist

"..coming towards the end of my training plan for the Heyford Duathlon. This is by far the best plan, as am really getting a lot stronger and faster... The Gym sessions are spot on, along with all the other training scheduless, so like always massive kudos to energise PT" 2019 - Transitioned to Duathlete and GB Status"

Mr Douglass - GB Duathlete

"Maddy is very supportive and encouraging making you get the best out your workout" 

Miss Lintern

"Love my PT sessions with Maddy, great at motivating me and helping me reach my goals. Considerate of my injuries and integrates exercises from my physiointo my training plan whlst pushing me and testing my limits #healthyhappystrong"

Miss Tuff

I let my fitness slip in lockdown, and decided to fix that. EnergisePT had a strong, structured offer online so we talked about how personal training would work. I started personal training about a year ago.
My initial goals were to improve core strength and posture to support my swimming, and establish good exercise habits/routines. I’ve hit all goals so far and enjoyed doing it - exceeding my own expectations. I’ve found having a short term goal (6 weeks) to be really helpful, and as the results come, the motivation increases.
I’ve done personal training down the years, but have never progressed as fast before as I’m doing now. I always know what exercise to do with my personal programs in the exercise app, and find Maddy to be accessible and to have workarounds/modifications if I don’t get something.
I recommend Energise Wellbeing without hesitation. Extremely knowledgeable and up to date with best ways to get results for you

Mr Chapman

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