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Challenging times ask us to become more

How many times have you faced times where you have been mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually challenged?

Think of a specific moment

Did you break down, did you rest, maybe you threw yourself into something else to distract your mind....

Your response overall to that moment that life threw you a curve grew, you learnt, you became stronger, you walked away from what was no longer fulfilling you and you took a "new direction" to become more.

When we are faced with attaining our fitness goals perhaps we should look at reaching that goal in the same way we meet our adversities. Rather, than simply a goal, perhaps instead we should view our fitness moreover as the "new direction" that will take us to a place where we become stronger, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Something that becomes not a goal but a change for the better version of ourselves. Accepting there will be challenges along the way and moments of weakness but also courage to overcome and push forward.

The fitness and well-being industry as a whole is guilty of consistently pushing "the goal". Many of us are not designed to meet a goal, but we are designed to become a better version of ourselves. If you could simply become a better version of you...what would that be? Is it something you could realistically maintain and develop and become a happier version of you?

We were never born to be the same version of ourselves, this is why we are human.

I love helping clients meet realistic "goals" and that is usually to embrace the body they have, working towards a healthier, stronger version of themselves, creating habits that will last and feeling happier in themselves.

Understanding, that in the same way you commit to changing something within your life, such as a job, relationship, career or location, treat your health in the same way. Allow yourself to learn, grow, accept not everything happens all at once or as smoothly as you'd like but recognise that with continued commitment that change happens. Believe in yourself...that's half the battle!

121 Personal Training Studio

At The Energise Wellbeing Studio one of the reasons we are a studio and not a large gym is because we want to be able to offer proper 121 training that is about you and no one else. Where you are able to speak freely, train according to where you are at (mentally, emotionally, physically) and feel able to disconnect from the outside world (of work, relationships and home)

If you have been thinking about starting or progressing your journey into improving your health and well-being through progressively planned training and nutritional advice, alongside more holistic training such as yoga and breath work. Drop me an email: or message 07859 916312.

To find out more about me and the packages I offer, click on the links below:

The Energise Wellbeing Studio is an appointment only studio. Providing 121 Personal Training, Classes, Courses, Workshops and Retreats. Based in the countryside, just ten mins from Shepton Mallet, Doulting, Stoke St Michael and Evercreech.

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The Energise Wellbeing Studio

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