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Mental Health, Exercise and Self Care

Mental Health, Physical Heath and Nutritional Health

All too often we consider physical health as the most important area of focus. But physical health can only happen when we take care of our emotional and nutritional health. (And of course the same with these two constituents)

This week though my focus is on the brain and our ability to cope with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression and how when we ignore these stressors on the brain that this negatively impacts not just our external lives but our physical health.

I discussed in a post last week the effects of over exercising and burn out as a classic example of how when we do not manage our stresses, our physical body will be quick to let us know. Constant fatigue, headaches, making even a simple decision overwhelming, irrational thought processes, poor sleep and the more outwardly physical signs of weight loss/holding on weight in certain areas, dry skin/hair, itchy eyes and being generally more prone to coughs and colds.

"So what can I do?"

Take a step back and genuinely examine what are the key things you need to change in your life. Most people turn to extremes in their diet (food and drink) or exercise because it's in their control when everything else seems out of control.

But, ignoring a situation or thinking things will get better, when for months or years they haven't, you might need to seriously evaluate what is truly important. What you are genuinely happy to live with and what you are desperately unhappy to put up with anymore. Whatever that key thing/s start making changes, for example, that job you really hate, look at what it is you actually want to do. What are you passionate about? What makes you smile? No one wants to keep working a shitty job just because it pays the bills, maybe you can do something on the side and build it up, maybe you can cut down on some luxuries to consider a different job that might not pay as much but will certainly make you a lot happier. I say this from working in leisure, hospitality and recruitment. Recruitment paid well, but it was long hours, exhausting and ultimately I ended up burnt out, I knew going back into leisure would be less well paid, but for my sanity and happiness I returned to what I loved and ultimately have managed to carve out a good business from it in the long run.

"Ok, but aside from this, what can I do to reduce the overwhelm?"

Through the week on Facebook and Instagram, I will be introducing you to the concept of gentle movement, breathwork, meditation, journalling and explaining a deeper understanding of why all of these concepts are so important to our mind and body.

How we can reduce blood pressure, lower high cortisol levels, improve recovery from injury and pain points, improve our sleep and boost our immunity response.

Join me this week, to see if there is a better way to move, breathe and find clarity of the mind to enhance your life and reduce overwhelm.

Maddy x

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