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Understanding our physical health and how best to train and take care of our bodies at the same time

This week will be a focus on physical health. I will be covering a number of topics including: The Basics of your training programme....why your doing, what your doing; Fasted training; Joint mobility; Modifying exercises to make them work for you or adapting exercises within the gym or home environment.

Physical health is normally "The Big One", the transformation, the thing that if we do lots of it will solve all our health and fitness issues.

But the reality is, tackling our wellbeing is a three pronged approach. We need to look not just to the physical but the mental and nutritional aspects.

This week's focus on physical health, will, instead of the normal fitness videos, try to bust a few myths, simplify things, answer some of your questions and draw your focus to implementing a mobility practice to improve the longer term gains not just for your training but also for the longevity of your body.

I will be releasing these little titbits of information every evening 7.30pm this week on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions in relation to your physical health drop me a message and let me see if I can answer your question.

Here's to you loving your body a little more, understanding your relationship with your training and how your body moves and feeling a little more confident in where you're going in the long term to protect your physical health. ❤️

Maddy x

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