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Short Days, Cold Weather and S.A.D Why NOW is the time to get fitter!

It's cold out there, I hate the cold, but it's also beautiful out there! Autumn has arrived but that's no excuse to not get out in the fresh air and improve your mental, as well as physical, health.

Fitness at this time of year is probably more important than ever. Most of us struggle with the short days preceded and super-seeded by dark mornings and early evenings, through the lack of light as well as the fact its bloody cold or just miserable weather!

Worst affected are those with S.A.D - Seasonal Affective Disorder ( a form of seasonal depression. Small changes to your fitness, diet and lifestyle can help to combat some of these effects:

Ways to help improve the low mood and reduce your stress levels which comes with this weather is to really start focusing on small things you can do through the daytime, to maximise the benefits of the winter sunshine (or clouds!).

>>Get out on your lunch break for a walk in the fresh air, clear your head and take your lunch with you! You will also get a healthy dose of Vitamin D!

>> Wrap up warm and take the kids out to the park, its cold but they don't feel it and neither will you once you start running around with them (well, at least walking quickly to keep up with them!) they will also be less fractious than being cooped up indoors.

>>Focus on your eating - are you stuffing yourself with loads of carbs and nothing else or still getting a "rainbow" of food. We tend to switch from a colourful variety of food over summer to more stodgy brown and white foods in winter. If this is you, STOP, re-introduce those healthier food choices you had in summer but create something more winter warming...So from Sweet Potato Fries (@energise_pt) to Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup (@reciperunner)

>>Reduce other external stresses...well, we'd all like to do that, but try to take 10-20mins out of your day to give yourself "space". Learn to say "No" when you actually don't have time, rather than trying to make more time out of your already limited time.

Write a list of things that are a priority, things that can be dealt with in the interim period and those that are non urgent.

I.e: Priority - Paying a bill, making a Dr's appointment, slot in 20mins for YOU TIME!

Interim - Food shop, Meeting friend's / family (they will understand you're busy and they will always be there but you cant see everyone all of the time)

Non-urgent - Weeding the garden, washing the car, cleaning the bathroom

Energise PT Fitness Hacks

People Person??

>>Get motivated to stay fit and raise your endorphins by joining a class or a group of like-minded individuals You will enjoy be surrounded by others, more inclined to stick to your fitness goals when you know others are expecting you to be there and have great fun all at the same time.

Struggle with motivation??

>> You know you want to get fit, but find it hard to motivate yourself to stick to a plan for more than a couple of weeks. Consider a Personal Trainer, who can be by your side to push you or just simply get you to the gym, outdoors or get you moving at home. You will receive a personalised consultation and tailored plan suitable to your goals as well as realistic to your daily life! - Check out my Personal Training Page or fill out the Contact page with any questions you may have!

Not sure where to get started, but daunted by 121 or training in a gym??

>> Bridge the gap with Semi Private training. You get Personal Training but in a small group environment, so have the atmosphere of a class but knowing you are following an individualised training plan! For more information go fill out the Contact page for more information. Available in Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury.

Follow my Instagram @energise_pt and Facebook @energisept for daily info on personal training, classes, offers and more!

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