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This. Is. My. Body

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Rather than sculpting a body to a perceived notion of what we should look like, maybe we should be changing that emphasis on harnessing the body we have and playing to our strengths!

Thick thighs = Amazing muscular quads, hams and glutes

Broader shoulders = Strong defined delts, traps and lats

Wider waist = A wall of transverse, rectus and oblique abdominal muscles

Bigger Arms = Lean biceps and triceps

Instead of seeing the negatives that society, media and more importantly our social groups would have us notice. Notice instead what you have been blessed with. Your whinge about one area of your body is another's envy.

I know I used to moan about my legs all the time, naturally thicker calves and thighs, now I try to look at my legs as an opportunity instead to maximise. They are never going to be slim even under drastic dieting (which is a miserable existence!) so instead i think i'd far rather have a pair of pins that are strong and going to get me through life and look defined rather than flabby.

This is something I do more and more with my clients now. Before, they'd come to me with a goal to "lose weight" amongst a variety of other things. Usually that goal was also based on a perception of a reality that they had long grown up with and perceived as the right look.

Now I say to clients, for example "look you are a broader build, lets work to your strengths, you have great symmetry, you could build muscle, concentrate on your nutrition a little more and start to lean out and still look not only in great physical shape but be happy and healthy for it as well"

Believe me I don't think there is anyone who is going to say "No, i'd prefer to diet down, cut my calories and achieve a body shape that I simply am not" I'm pretty sure if you've read this far, you'd prefer to be happy both inside and out and I truly believe your aesthetic self and your physical health can only be determined by your internal mindset. If you are happy and accepting of the body you have and recognise the potential that you can make of it you are already one step ahead of the rest. Some people I know, despite their seemingly strong physical outward appearance are so miserable or discontented with their own bodies, they will never be truly happy.

Happiness is important, because it brings with it, confidence and in doing so inspires and motivates us to be better and by the way there is nothing wrong with being proud of the body you have. You've worked for it, taken care of it, fed it and loved it. Never let anyone else tell you otherwise. You're body is amazing. So learn to nurture it, not abuse it.

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Have a great rest of the day!

Maddy x


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