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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I hope for your sake you are!

I hope you take care of yourself before others

I hope you prioritise the things in your life that make you happy, over work and meeting others expectations

More importantly....if you're not...why not?

We have one life, with many chances to live it in the best possible way.
We have to make difficult and uncomfortable choices that ultimately will bring us greater fulfillment and happiness.

Taking care of your body is just one of those things. I don't mean just the aesthetic, but the mental/emotional part, the inner body as well as the physical body.

Too often we either disregard our body altogether, especially when we are younger because "I can get away with it" only for this to catch up with us as we age or we hammer our body in the gym or outdoors training into submission for an aesthetic that is impossible to keep up without feeling miserable about it somewhere along the line.

As a mum of two boys and running a business, stress and eating are the perfect combination! To avoid this becoming my every day reality, I choose instead to prioritise my health, fitness and well-being ahead of all these things, because if i don't look after myself, i certainly cannot look after or give to the best of my ability to others!

I set up Energise Wellbeing with the purpose of re-training clients perspective on what it is their body truly needs.

  • Changing their mindset with a more positive approach, not just in training but in day to day life.

  • Adjusting the way they trained their bodies appropriate to what their body was truly capable of and showing them ways to relieve pain in muscles and joints that they hadn't realised was possible.

  • Understanding proper nutrition isn't about denying your body certain foods or food groups. But fueling it in the correct way can improve both the way our body functions and our mental health

Along the way, i have created a community of members who rally together to support one another.

Where your wins are celebrated and your lows are lifted up, as you recognise you are not alone.

I created a studio that is private and fully equipped for the strongest of workouts to the most relaxed of spaces. I truly believe understanding our bodies better, makes for a more content and less stressed out body. One that performs better all round in a space entirely devoted to you.

I want a stronger, more flexible and happier body

These are the main things clients invariably come to me for, having tried numerous other things in the past from restrictive dieting, to excessive cardio or high intensity classes where they felt they had to keep up despite not enjoying themselves, as well as trying to work with a body that is in pain from a variety of things including, medical issues, age, overtraining, menopause or serious injuries.

I think personal training should be about you and your body and what it actually needs, rather than simply punishing it.

Don't worry, I will work you hard if that is what your body requires (no one has yet to say they don't find my sessions challenging) but you will workout in a smarter and more effective way. Utilising my knowledge from a yoga and strength and conditioning background (as well as personal training) to give you a fully rounded training experience and ultimately, you leaving happier and possibly surprised with what your body can achieve.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”
- Jim Rohn

I hope you are selfish today and take the first step to improving your health, fitness and overall well-being

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