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There are so many books out there, I have tried to choose books that have stuck in my mind rather than books that everyone recommends because "it's the done thing". These books have helped me to understand, learn, implement or simply guide me through certain times in my life.

Simply put, if you are going through menopause and love training but can't understand why your body isn't responding in the way it used to....then this is worth the read or listen.

Dr Stacy Sims breaks down in detail the best ways to train for your menopausal body. The benefits of lifting heavy, HRT, HiiT/SiiT, nutrition, female physiology and so much more.

I like simple. I hate when people try to over-complicate things and more importantly love learning about the body in a way that is easily understandable and digestible. If you have ever wanted to really know what our gut does and how it impacts out day to day lives and what we can do to improve our gut then this is the book!

Common sense, practical advice for everyday life. Moments to make you stop and think. This is possibly the one book i'd advise definitely getting as an Audiobook if you can, simply to hear Matthew McConaughey talk. It hits differently and will keep you listening chance of drifting off!

It's an oldie and probably on every list of inspirational books out there but there is a good reason, because its hard hitting and gets to the truth of the matter. It will be a reminder of what is most important to you and frankly what is not. What you should be putting your energy into and what you need to recognise is wasting your limited time on this earth.

If reading non-fiction self help books isn't your bag, then this non-fiction self-help book will be. It is written in a story format rather than a "things to do" format and is warm, witty and in my opinion realistic to life! I think too often you can have books asking so much from you that it becomes overwhelming, but with this book you can take snippets of tips from Glennon Doyle's everyday life. It's also a reminder that it's ok to be you and that who you are is important.


One thing one of my therapist's said to me "Stop reading Self - Help Books". She didn't mean that in a bad way. Moderate amounts of investigation into improving ourselves is beneficial of course but then there's a point where we can overdo it and start almost finding fault and a need to correct / improve every aspect of ourselves that we become obsessive. She encouraged me to read fiction. And so i did. There were many books i went on to read but this book always stands out in my mind. Based in America and the relationship between a young Jewish woman and an old German man and how this unfolds. The book creates a moral dilemma that will have you questioning where you would stand in such an instance,

I hope you found this list inspiring or piqued your interest. There were so many others i wanted to add to this list but these were perhaps the more unconventional ones that people miss. I hope maybe some of these suggestions help. For me, they have opened up possibility to believe in myself and my abilities. To become more adaptive to clients, more creative, more willing to stick up for myself and trust in my gut.

What books have inspired you? What tips or habits did you learn that changed the way you live your life or train?

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