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Updated: Apr 21, 2023


"I knew I had reached a point where I needed to lose weight. I was having to buy the next size up in clothes, I felt old before my time, very self conscious and weak. Being menopausal just exacerbated the situation further!

After being told by the GP that I had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic it all seemed like a very big mountain to climb. But here we are. Nutrition changes, regular exercise and a huge effort on willpower (those sweet treats still tempt me!), have served me well and I have lost just over a stone and dropped 2 dress sizes. I also feel much stronger. Moving forward I plan more of the same. It takes time, but for me it has to be done, for my long term health and my mental wellbeing. I hope that in another 6 months I will be off the blood pressure medication, that my blood sugar will be at a  normal level and that I am maintaining the weight loss"

I am so proud of Michelle. She implements her daily habits, she has addressed her nutrition, she finds balance in terms of her diet with family, so still able to have a good social life, she chooses to do more, not because I ask her but because she asks that of herself. She gives 110% in her sessions.

love her infectious laugh and banter and genuine determination in every session. The 3kg weights she started on have gone to the wayside as she becomes stronger and fitter. I am excited to see what the next 6 months has in store for Michelle.

Prioritising yourself may seem a pipe dream but imagine that dream being a reality. Everyone's journey is different. Rapid results usually result in rapid unravels. Consistent and measured approaches to not just exercise and nutrition but also mindset are the keys to long term change.

If you are looking to take that next step, book a kick start call today

Update; a week after this post Michelle was informed she is now no longer pre diabetic!! This is amazing news and shows the power of changing your lifestyle to improve your health. Well done Michelle


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