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Why YOU should be weight training

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Do you ever think "I'm too old to be lifting weights" or "I wouldn't know where to start" or perhaps you're just worried about getting too muscly/bulky?

Why bother:

Bone Density and Muscle Strength: As we get older our bone density and muscles go into retardation. To help slow this process down introducing strength training into our daily life will markedly improve not only these factors but our physical and mental strength.

Weight Loss / Core Strength: We also tend to hold weight easier and weight training can help to combat this as it is low impact but is continually utilising our energy sources i.e fat to carry out the exercise. You will engage your core continually to carry out each weight based exercise therefore, gaining core strength and perhaps that flat tummy you've been after?!

Posture / Back Pain:

Most of us now have very sedentary jobs either working in offices or sat in cars all day every day leading to poor posture and lower back pain. Through proper training you should find your posture improves, you walk taller and back pain can improve or go altogether

Improved Body Shape and Body Confidence:

As you grow stronger your body shape will change to reflect this in a positive way. Parts of your body will become less flabby and more toned/tightened, you will have renewed or increased strength and you will mentally improve your confidence about how your body looks giving you a more positive outlook.

That's got to be a few pretty good reasons to start weight training!

Weight training is about continually challenging your body you may start with body weight moves to ensure correct form and technique and progress on to lighter bars/weights/cables to ensure progression and results within your training.


If you want more advice or would be interested in a 6 week block training programme to get you started or progressing further in your weight training give me a call 07859 916312 or email

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