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"Be The Change" New Year, New Focus - Why this is YOUR year!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Every year we make a new year resolution whether that be fitness, diet or family time....the fact is after about a month it all fizzles out and we've given up!

Rather than start on 1st..2nd..7th January, why not start now? Beat the crowds, start in silence with no promises to anyone except yourself and start focusing on you!

But what are your reasons?

Why do you want to get fitter or start working out?

To lose weight?

To gain weight?

To be stronger?

More flexible?

Better Mobility?

These are all great reasons but simply "going to the gym" or some fitness classes aren't going to keep you going and sticking to a plan.

Write down your actual goals and put them somewhere i.e your fridge, mobile phone screensaver or cupboard where every day you're reminded why you're doing this.

Have an initial short term goal i.e in 2 months: I want to have lost/gained 8lbs / 2inches all over, once you've hit this goal give yourself a medium term and long term one.

Don't give yourself a goal that looks so massive that it feels an impossible feat ie lose 5 stone, fit in a size 10 and look really lean and toned in 6mths it just isn't going to happen and you will make yourself miserable!

Take a "before" photo and write down your measurements (chest, waist, thighs, upper arm) and weight. You can refer to this later in your training, especially if you're having one of those days that feels like you're not achieving'll surprise yourself. Your weight is the least best measurement as we fluctuate so much which is where your measurement can come in handy!

Surround yourself with the right people! You will have "friends" who will question your every motive for your fitness journey and will often try to lead you down a different path in terms of your diet or an excuse to get out of going to the gym or don't need these people in your life...believe me! If they have nothing positive to say about what you are doing or even asking you how you are achieving it then they are probably jealous. Avoid and when there are times that you are feeling less motivated write down 3 good things you have gained since starting your fitness journey.

So, you've decided you want to get fitter...whether that's for health reasons (maybe you've had a health scare and realise the time is now not later!), improved body confidence, new fitness goals (competitions, charity work, refocus on training) mental health or an event coming up in the year (weddings are usually the big one!)

We are not all the same, some of us enjoy a group environment whilst others prefer our own space and for some we just want someone who can help us through the myriad of training options available as it is just too daunting, which is where 121 training comes into its own.

At Energise PT we offer a FREE consultation that allows you to determine what your goals are but also what type of exercise is right for you, not only that we also aim to address your nutritional habits. It really is true, 80/20, 80% of your health and fitness is down to your nutrition and 20% down to your training. If you think that caning it in a class or the gym, swimming etc is going to "fix" things you're going to be disappointed!

With Personal Training you also have someone on hand to guide you through your exercise using the correct technique and suitable rep ranges for your goals.

More importantly whether you are a complete newbie or someone who has been training for years there will always be something beneficial to be gained through PT - whether that's confidence just being in a gym or learning a new technique that can benefit and enhance your existing training. Your PT should offer you variety as well as progression to your programme to keep you motivated and attaining your goals.

Remember! It's not just the effort you put into your PT sessions that will help you hit your goals but your own consistency to training and nutrition throughout the week, week in, week out. Your health and fitness is not a quick fix it is a lifelong journey that you need to apply daily, as you would when taking care of your teeth. You brush your teeth everyday, not because you want to (I say this with kids in mind!) but because you have to (unless you want them to drop out!) and it becomes a daily habit that you wouldn't even think of not doing?! Start caring about your body like you would about your teeth. Your body is an investment, if you look after it now it might just take care of you a bit longer into older age.

Energise PT also offer Semi Private training - so if you prefer the idea of working out with friends but still getting a personalised programme you should consider this option.

Whatever you do decide to do this year...don't fill it with excuses, make it your year, take care of yourself, you only have one body to live in and nobody is going to do this for you, except YOU!


Kick-start your fitness or progress your training further

Training is available in your home, gym or outdoors.

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