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Heart shaped stone in hand

I was on this really rocky beach the other day and saw a stone which to me looked like a heart. I realised to another, it would have just looked like a mis-shapen stone and someone else may have completely overlooked the stone. My point is that in so many aspects of our lives, the perspective we have, is just one of many. Being willing to look at and consider things from a multitude of viewpoints is an invaluable tool. It doesn't mean you have to accept a certain perspective, but understanding how others operate in this world would encourage us all to have greater compassion and a willingness to adapt our behaviour accordingly.

We often hear the term growth mindset and fixed mindset.

When we operate from a place of growth we are willing to face and overcome challenges, change our point of view, learn new things that might scare us (i.e public speaking, writing a social media post, jumping out of a plane), accept and learn from critical feedback.

Your ability to handle this life comes down to your ability to recognise where growth is needed
Growth in Life

Those with a fixed mindset tend to prefer a sense of the norm, to not challenge themselves for fear of failure, unwilling to accept other people's opinions, feedback or believe that others have it easier than them.

How does this all relate into the well-being realm?

For me well-being is an all encompassing thing. It's about improving my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fitness. It's not about being good at all things, all at once, but instead focusing on small incremental improvements. Whether that's picking up a book to develop a better understanding of how our brains/mindset work, to progressing a weight in the gym or trying a new exercise out for the first time. I might work on my meditation or breath-work practice more regularly especially during times when i'm feeling stressed, unhappy or need to relax. All of the above activities give me time to reflect on the things that happen in my life with a renewed perspective to approach and overcome fears and challenges in my everyday life.

I am no longer the old past version of myself and I am always growing as a person. I recognise my faults and work towards improving them, I take note of where I haven't put in the work required when it comes to my training, work and relationships and make an effort to amend accordingly. I want to live by example, rather than regret not doing all I can to improve this human being. I want you to understand, we are all human. We are infallible, yes, but... long as you are willing to put in the work to create a better version of yourself, then that is the best thing you'll ever do, not just for you, but for those around you. In doing so, you will achieve great things, meet some wonderful people and fully appreciate the abundance of this life

Failing to accept change, loss, failure or the potential to be more. Finding blame in others, being reactive to situations and circumstance rather than contemplating and considering a possible new perspective, will forever keep you in the same place.

So, just as you set that new fitness goal for yourself; choose your happiness over others or decide to learn a new skill.

Don't give up at the first hurdle.

The hurdles are what allow us to challenge our viewpoint.

Ask yourself "why?" when perhaps you want to give up.

Then ask yourself "what will i lose if i give up?" and finally ask yourself

"what will I gain if i keep going?"

The power lies within you to Be The Change.


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