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Resetting and Revitalising Your Well-Being Journey

With March upon us, many of us will have already started to make decisions about exactly where we want to be in terms of our mental and physical wellbeing. Perhaps, we set intentions for the New Year and these have waivered, but have come full circle to recognise that now is the time to revisit or start becoming more consistent with where exactly it is we want to be.

If feeling more comfortable in your skin means dialing in your nutrition but you're not sure where exactly you're going with that, start utilising an app (Macros, Lifesum or Myfitnesspal) to track your food or a notebook to write down exactly what you are eating. Just noticing your day to day consumption can make you more aware of where you may be eating in excess or maybe not enough! For more guidance your PT / nutritionist can help.

Increase your water intake for better mental and physical clarity - improving digestion, clearer skin, less fatigued, reducing dehydration and in turn reducing the need to reach for food as our body starts to recognise the signs of dehydration

Sleep more - start aiming to get better sleep - not necessarily longer sleep. Someone can have 8 hours of poor interrupted sleep and feel pretty rubbish the next day against the person who had 6 hours of decent uninterrupted deep sleep.

If you are struggling, try changing your bedtime habits:

  • Remove mobile phones and TVs from the bedroom. Remove electronics (screen time) an hour before bed.

  • Avoid caffeine past 11am (but if this is not possible, at lease 6 hours before bedtime).

  • Drink a glass of water before bedtime

  • Try blackout curtains or a night mask

  • Read a book / meditate focussing on deep breathing in and out of the nose

Ensure you do plenty of movement throughout the day aside from your training. Such as walking the dog, domestic chores, gardening etc

Find a balance between work and your personal life. Something many of us struggle to do but recognising there has to be a point where we say no to any further work and yes to rest.

High cortisol (stress) levels only aid to maintaining or gaining weight as well as turning to poor dietary choices and not stopping to breathe.

These may all seem like common sense ideas, but staying consistent is where you will see real results. It doesn't require a restrictive diet or a fancy juicer or even any special fitness equipment it just requires you to turn up, day in and day out for YOU!

Create habits to do daily, just one great habit each week and build upon it. Mark it on the calendar, tick it off every day. Be consistent. Consistency breeds results.

START putting yourself first, remind yourself of what it was you wanted to get out of this life and STOP putting yourself last!


Thank you to everyone who reads this newsletter every month. We aim to bring you more and more useful content that you can implement into your daily life as well as inform you of what is happening at the studio

Below is the updated Studio Timetable which you can join on a membership or pay as you go basis. All classes are available in person and online and are a great group of members. You also get access with the membership to our VIP group providing access to member only videos, pre-sale of events and more! If you would like to become a member just drop me an email.


I have recently welcomed the incredibly experienced Ali Vasalli to the studio who will also be offering Personal Training and Sports Massage (so for those looking for early morning and late evening sessions, she's your lady!) to book a package with Ali drop me an email direct to book!

I am also excited to welcome Hannah

Fitz-Gerald to the Studio - a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher providing cover classes and coming soon Saturday morning classes (to sign up in advance for this 6 week course of classes drop me a message)

April Retreat Announcement

Keep an eye out for forthcoming mini, day and weekend retreats ....the next retreat day will be 24th April focussing on a total wellbeing experience from yoga, core and strength conditioning, bodyweight training, breathwork, a walk in the countryside and a nutritious lunch.

All for just £80! Invest in your Well-Being!

To grab your space email:

Quote: Wellbeing Retreat

....And finally, we have a Men's Strength and Stretch Class running Monday nights 7-8pm that is proving popular amongst those whose flexibility is somewhat limited and stress levels are high! Utilising techniques from Yoga, Strength and Conditioning and Qi Gong to allieviate aches and pains, improve strength/fitness and mobility...if interested in the next course drop me a message at

Have a wonderful week ahead and don't forget to share our news!


The Energise Wellbeing Studio


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