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Stop making excuses, make yourself a priority!

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Some of the most common excuses I hear from clients or potential clients is 'I'm too old to really make a big change'

'I have stuck to the training but I'm not losing any inches or weight'

The above photo is of Shelley, one of my clients who has stuck to her training plan, adhering to her nutrition and challenging herself every single session. Her training plan lasts a max of 1hr normally 45mins and she ensures she tracks her nutrition daily. Already, in 7 weeks, she is noticing changes in her body composition (tighter, leaner, stronger) , feeling happier and already receiving comments on her improved physical appearance. When you complain or make excuses why you can't quite achieve your goals or find fault in another persons progress... Ask yourself if you are really dedicating yourself wholly to achieving those goals or if you are half arsing it. When you berate another person because they choose to put in the effort to become a better version of themselves, ask yourself if your are truly giving them 'just your opinion' or are jealous of what they have achieved. Those who achieve have worked hard to put in the effort. When that is for their own physical benefit, it will not just be in the gym but also nutritionally. It's old hat but it's true... 80% is down to nutrition the remaining 20% is fitness and pushing your body further where ever possible to challenge it further to continually make gains. Why use a PT? Because every person's goal is different. Gain weight? Lose weight? Improve mental health? Improve endurance? Training for an event? Maintain mobility? Rehab training? Everyone's 'GOAL' is different, everyone's training is different, male/female physiology, nutrition.... Your PT is there to tailor a programme specific to YOUR needs. Your goal is your goal. No one else's. Don't make excuses when you decide to invest in yourself. If you want to see change it comes from you first. Your PT will guide you, encourage you, progress your training but reaching that goal ultimately comes down to your dedication to realise this. Do you want to see change? Is it time to make yourself a priority? YES?! Contact me today @ENERGISEPT on facebook MADDY@ENERGISEPT.CO.UK Start achieving those goals NOW!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month.... NOW!

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