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Woman sitting on stairs smiling
A moment where I could sit and smile despite feeling awful

Just a reminder.... Not everything you see is real... love your body for absolutely everything that it does for you.... Choose to be strong over skinny, choose health over aesthetics and choose real social connection over superficial media connection

Having spent almost a week off being disgustingly ill with gastroenteritis and watching my weight plummet, I find it is at these times I have a greater appreciation for all that my body does. If I wasn't attached to the toilet, I just slept and slept and slept. I was worrying about losing all the muscle in my body despite trying to eat (albeit toast and honey) and I could feel my hip bones digging into the bathroom floor when I simply didn't have the energy to move. I was getting worried. Enough that I called my Dr every day as I had never felt so awful. And this was just a bug. It wasn't something medically serious compared to some truly awful diseases. But in that moment I felt hopeless. I tried breath work to relax my body, I tried countless different sleeping or standing positions to stop the pain in my chest and tummy. I tried mentally telling my body to fix itself and I must have prayed to God numerous times to take the pain away. It was excruciating.

I tell you all this because, I always believe life or the universe is trying to teach us something. It doesn't always feel like it at the time, but for me. it was giving me a moment to step back from work and evaluate what I was doing and what it was I wanted to develop moving forward to be happy. I think it was also telling me to love my body a little more and to honestly grow and build a stronger more powerful body.

I feel accountable to my body to create a stronger and healthier body. Something I have always encouraged with my clients and create a body I love once more.

Comparing posed to normal body image
Same Body, Same Day, Different Pose

Too often we can find ourselves comparing to others in social media when in fact that picture is a distortion of who they really are. Happiness is found in real social connections rather than in a digital world of distorted images.

I have always made a point of posting the realist version of me. I don't have perfectly coiffured hair (it's usually scrapped back) nor am I made up and my stomach isn't perfectly tight (due to kids and a hernia op) but I hope that in being me you can relate to seeing normal not beautifully posed.

Yes we should be allowed to celebrate our bodies this isn't a dig at anyone doing that! But we should also embrace our amazing bodies and nourish them in the best way possible. The journey you take with this body in this life will never be easy and there will be loads of ups and downs, but if we choose to be mindful of the health of our bodies rather than an aesthetic then we will learn to love life a little bit more. ❤

Wake up thankful for another new day
I had wrote this a week before becoming apt!

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