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How often have you gone to the gym and can't find a decent resistance band with actual resistance or an ankle strap that actually stays in place?

Or simply a barbell pad that actually provides enough padding to protect your hips and not shoot off the bar?

These, pop into your gym bag, small accessories, make all the difference to attaining your best workout.

These are my top 6 accessories that I use and highly recommend

Working on pull ups or need resistance assistance for mobility and rehab work?

Large loop resistance bands are brilliant. They come in a variety of weights and you can double up the strength utilising more than one band. These are excellent heavy duty bands.

Work that Booty (and Legs) with Mini Loop resistance bands

I love these fabric resistance bands which come in a variety of weights and colours and only after a year have they started losing their level of resistance as would be expected bearing in mind I use them with multiple clients. They have a rubber inner to grip onto the legs and avoid rolling up.

Weight Training Gloves

Fed up of callouses or simply get sweaty hands and losing your grip. These gloves are great for reducing callousing, improving your grip with the benefit of wrist support and not getting super sweaty at the same time Bear Grip Training Gloves

Foam Roller Set

If you wake up regularly feeling a bit stiff or achy, a foam roll of the myofascial tissue will help to alleviate this Foam Roller Set

Ankle Straps

These Innstar Ankle Straps are heavy duty with a ring loop that can be adjusted around the ankle along with shoe based straps to help with those kickbacks

Hip Thrust Pad

Protect those hips with this brilliantly thick Hip Thrust Pad with velco heavy duty wrapovers. No more fighting with separate straps or a pad that is so thin the bar digs into your pelvis/hips.

Bear Grip Figure of 8 straps star recommendation
Star Recommendation

***My Star Recommendation***

There is nothing more than frustrating when the barbell or dumbbell feels like it is slipping out of your hands despite the weight not being the issue but more your forearm or hand grip. I love using Bear Grip Figure of 8 Straps in order to lift heavier and not be at risk of dropping the weight onto my feet. Also, the fact the energy goes into the movement rather than the desperate gripping of the bar/bell.

I only ever recommend equipment I currently use and have proven hard wearing and purposeful! I hope you find this useful and do let me know if there is anything else you would like me to recommend for fitness, health and more,

Thanks for reading!

Maddy x

Please note: I may earn an affiliate commission on links provided.


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