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But investing in the physical can promote improved mental and emotional fitness.

A year ago I set myself a goal. A goal which I once tried to achieve 5 or 6 years ago but due to various circumstances never materialised.

But, inspired by my many clients and seeing so many personal achievements attained from #weightloss ; to reversing #diabetes ; to completing @toughmudder to improving #comfidence #strength and #selfworth. I felt compelled to actually set myself a personal target, to prove to myself, how capable I am too.

Along the line I have learnt that I do have willpower, determination and the ability to overcome physical health issues as well as mental and emotional stressors.

I have recognised the moments where I thought I had "done the work" only to realise the work is bumpy and may be a lifelong process and that that is actually ok. That is normal. And recently I felt a real sense of peace on this level.

Regardless of my goal, the fact remains that managing not just my physical body but my mental and emotional state, was achieved predominantly through exercise. Exercise that I love.

Exercise that gave me a purpose.

I see it all the time with clients. Clients who seem cowed, relentlessly "sorry" for just being, who have no self belief. Those same clients, weeks or months later, walk into my studio with self assurance, a belief in themselves and what they are truly capable of, they stand tall and strong. These are the people who inspire me daily.

Understand you must put yourself first to truly conquer you mind and body. All this will filter through into your day to day life from relationships to work to home. You will grow exponentially.

If you want to build a more confident, stronger and happier mind and body click on the link below:

Small group training (max 6) and 121 online and in person training.

*therapy and medication have a place for many people as well and this shouldn't be vilified


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