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Did you know that your body will tell you it is under stress?

I don't mean that breaking point where you just think "god I am so stressed out" I mean all the signs that lead up to that point.

Stress doesn't just happen in the way we think it does. Yes, we can put ourselves under stress through work deadlines, dealing with those awful in-laws or when we train. But oftentimes, stress will present itself first through the body.

Do you look flushed daily?

Does your body feel inflammation or achy constantly?

Has your hair started falling out? , Are your nails becoming brittle and skin becoming dry / itchy?

Do you find your stomach feels constantly triggered by a variety of foods and you can't seem to settle it?

Are you holding more weight or struggling to keep weight on despite trying to keeping an eye on your nutrition?

Do you struggle with sleep yet feel exhausted?

Constantly have headaches, sore eyes or blurred eye sight?

Struggling with breathing?

Do you find you are consistently getting Ill?

These are just some of the signs that your body is trying to tell you to stop or change whatever is causing the stress in the first place. I see this with a variety of clients, especially those who want to lose weight or have been doing numerous different diets to ease their gut and when we get to the root of what is intrinsically causing these issues, it's usually stress.

Stress is not all bad in the right quantities. Cortisol which is often referred to as the stress hormone is produced to respond to stress or danger, metabolize glucose, control your blood pressure and reduce inflammation. However, when we experience excessive or continual stress on the nervous system it will begin to play out in the body and not in a good all the good things cortisol is normally responsible for and flip them! I am not touching on the mental health aspect as you can read my other posts on this.

When stress is not recognised or managed this can lead to more serious complications such as high blood pressure, heart attack, weight gain/loss, tiredness, abdominal pain, inflammation... The list goes on.

Unfortunately, in modern society, rather than treat the cause, we treat the pain.

Making changes to our lifestyles is often what is needed.

Not medication.

Learning how to heal ourselves through proper sleep, diet, healthier habits towards exercise, implementing breath work, seeking therapy and changing jobs are all ways we can reduce stress and pain.

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your overall wellbeing and have had enough of being in pain and stressed out why not book a connect call and start focussing on you.


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