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Updated: May 13, 2023

Sometimes, all you want to do in life, is press the stop button. To run away. To leave all your obligations behind. Because it means just for a moment you have no one and nothing to worry about. But that isn't life. Life just keeps moving forward. We can either choose to jump ship or face things head on, however hard that may seem.

Surrounding yourself with the right people, who are genuine and who can be harshly honest with you because they see your potential is just one step to moving forward in the right direction. Listening to people who inspire, motivate and challenge your belief system, will help you to grow. And, speaking to yourself kindly and believing in your worthiness of more instead of berating yourself or dwelling on past hurts or behaviours are all things necessary for us to flourish in this life.

A friend recently dropped me this quote:

Keep your eyes forward. When the devil keeps asking you to look at your past, there's something in your future he doesn't want you to see.

Read that again.

Our potential of what we can be and what we deserve is out there. The past is past. Whilst it is not always the easiest thing to not get caught up in, except from the lessons we have learnt from it, there is no purpose in rehashing it.

To choose you and to live a higher value life we really do need to be present and re-wire the way we talk to ourselves.

Instead of: If only or I won't, make it, I am/will

We are all full of potential. I preach this to my clients all the time. But sometimes I need to hear that myself as well (we are naturally infallible human beings and even the most positive/pro active of thinkers can get stuck! Simon Sinek was a great case in point)

I know in my heart of hearts when I prioritise what I want and where I want to go, great things happen, fascinating people arrive into my life and the drive to do and be better comes easily.

When we are in a state of low vibrational frequency (low energy) and allow our negative thoughts to drive our life, we do not propel but languish and in doing so, attract, similar low frequency people, around us.

Becoming high value means setting standards, boundaries and expectations that you are not willing to lower. Ever. Some will not like that but they are not your people.

So, this is a reminder to me as well as to you.


Take stock.


Have a moment of self care (bath, book, sleep, walk)

But don't let life's lessons stop you.  Learn from them.

Live a life full of potential and flourish. Surround yourself with high vibing, strong, courageous people and watch your world unfold miraculously.

If you were to wake up today as though it were your first day on this planet. There would be nothing else to compare or worry about. That is where you are now.


In the present.

Make the most of it. ❤

P. S. You are allowed to start over as many times as you need to.

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