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Leaving behind 2021 and setting New Intentions

2021 has for many of us been a difficult year. 2020 almost felt easier being in a set routine of lock down forcing those of us who didn't already, to appreciate exactly what we had and what was important. 2021 hasn't afforded us quite the freedom we had of 2019 and the years before that, with the loss of certain freedoms such as travel, enforced wearing of masks, working from home or getting vaccinated, which in turn has created division amongst society. Family and friends have become disjointed, relationships have been tested, knowing which way to turn has for many, been overwhelming.

2021 for me has been all of these things, but it has also been the driver to stick my course and take on new challenges. I didn't think that by Christmas I would be saying I was now running a Wellbeing Studio. When I look back at where I started from and what I have achieved in such a short space of time I feel incredibly lucky knowing that it has been with the support of my clients as well as important people in my life that I have been able to even consider this venture. In many ways, lock down taught me how to survive as a personal trainer and yoga instructor in incredibly restrictive circumstances. I truly believe that we can all find ways to make things work no matter what the situation, that it is truly a case of thinking out of the box. That isn't to say things aren't hard, that I don't work my ass off, that things don't always work out and that sometimes you have to forgo certain things in order to attain what it is you want. But if you truly want something you will do everything to try and realise it.

Creating Habits to achieve Real Lifelong Results

In the same way we have fitness aspirations or want to learn a new pose or understand how to find a greater sense of calm. We are going to have a number of obstacles in the way, let downs and just moments where we think giving up would be easier. But creating habits and positive thought processes can really help you turn around those situations and realise your intentions.

A sense of relief, of

"getting away from it all".

For most though our lives are incredibly busy and finding a space that takes us away from all these outside distractions is often what we truly need. Arriving to the studios at Chesterblade always seems to take you into another space. As if the whole world and all the problems and stress of life do not exist. Clients tell me just the short drive to the studio sets them up for being more present in their training whether in yoga, pilates or 121 personal training.

"Comparison is the Thief of Joy"
President Theodore Roosevelt

This quote has kept ringing in my ears this month. I was asked by someone if I checked out other businesses in the area, my flat response was, "No". I have no interest in what others are doing as long as I am giving my clients the best of me and what I can offer, I have no interest in comparing my business to another, because what they offer isn't what I offer. There is no 2nd version of me nor a 2nd version of my business. Or in more simple terms I am not them. In the same way, YOU are YOU. No one else can be this amazing version of you so why try to compare yourself, your mind, your body to anyone else. Wasting energy on trying to be something you're not is exhausting, putting energy into what you truly are is so much more important!

So wherever you are right now....we have 6 days remaining of 2021.

Now is the time to evaluate what it is you want from life, for you.

To be Happier?

Feel Fitter?

More consistent with your practice, training or nutrition?

Or simply to take a moment to focus on your own mental and emotional well-being....

At Energise Wellbeing we offer a range of classes, courses, workshops and 121 Personal Training. You can enjoy exclusive use of the studio in a 121 setting or share this beautiful private space with a maximum of 6 other like-minded individuals.

We are offering during the week of December 27th-30th a number of FREE classes to new potential members. These are not the normal operating times but have been run in the morning for those of you who may still have some holiday time and would like a little break away from the Christmas madness! If you would like to book just drop an email or message via facebook

Our New Class Timetable is up now.


We also have a couple of spaces left on the following courses:

All courses 6 weeks. £45.

Yoga for Fitness (Intermediate Level) 6-7pm Starts Monday 3rd January - 1 Space Left

Beginner 2 Yoga - Starts Tuesday 4th January 1 Space Left

Pilates for Strength and Posture - Starts Tuesday 4th January 1 Space Left

Beginners Yoga - Starts Wednesday 5th January 2 Spaces Left

Restorative Yoga - Coming soon Thursdays 6-7pm Start date TBC Register your interest


We have had some wonderful workshops and mini retreats run this year and are looking forward to hosting even more in 2022. Like and Follow our Facebook page: and be the first to hear. These workshops get booked up incredibly quickly.

Thank you again for your continuing support of Energise Wellbeing.

I cannot wait to welcome you to the studio. If you would like more information please visit or drop me a message click: facebook/instagram or email:

Wishing you a restful remainder of the year and renewed energy for the year ahead!

See you in 2022,

Maddy x

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