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So, you know you're experiencing ongoing pain and that certain situations (job, relationship, training, nutrition, sleep) are causing a high level of stress.

Realistically, are you able to change the cause of stress.

Walking away from a poor relationship, a job you hate, de loading your training or improving your sleep/ nutrition, asking for help. Most of these things are possible if we believe our bodies deserve better.

🫂👨‍⚕👩‍💼I hear too many times from people who have stayed in a job or relationship ( having already tried to communicate or find a resolution) because "it's easier".

t's not easier, if it's harder on you?

There is always another job, there is always the opportunity to learn more about yourself by being single, than in a relationship that isn't making you happy. It may seem an oversimplification but those are the facts. Feeling permanently stressed isn't good for your health or overall well-being. And if you have been experiencing any of the other bodily signs discussed in my previous post or mental health issues such as depression then maybe now is the time to take your wellbeing seriously.

👶👧👦Parenting is " one of the hardest jobs"... I remember hearing this and scoffing at this when I was young and free of kids. But the reality is it is often a thankless and impossible job. Being able to ask for help from friends and family. Making time for yourself even if it's just 20mins every day to do some form of exercise can make a huge difference from a mental stress perspective.

🏋‍♀️🏃‍♂️If you are feeling constantly exhausted from training you need to look to modifying your training regime. The likelihood is that if you are feeling that exhausted, you are over training and need to stop. Evaluate where you can cut back, reduce the volume of weight lifted, ask a PT to look over your programming and see if they can find a better and more effective way to train.

😵‍💫😴If sleep is your biggest issue and you are rarely getting even 7 hrs of sleep, look at what your sleep routine consists of, is there even a routine? Keeping a consistent bedtime schedule is key to better sleep. You can read more about healthy sleeping habits in my sleep blog post.

🫛🥑🥩Nutrition and hydration are also known to play into our ability to cope with stress. Healthy food habits (regulating emotional attachment, regular meals, enough calories, a well balanced plate of protein, carbs and fats) rather than extreme diets or poor diet (processed and ultra processed foods) can make all the difference.

👩‍🦳👨‍🦳Overall concern for a weakening body (Stiffness, achyness, poor mobility, muscular imbalance, weak bones) Move more, not less. But be gentle and seek advice from a PT to help implement a programme of movement perhaps through bodyweight training, weights or yoga. Seeing gradual progression in a controlled way.

The point is, oftentimes the answer to reducing pain is to reduce the stress that you are putting yourself under.

Going to the cause of that stress and changing the circumstances (relationship/work) or modifying it (in terms of muscular or gut health) is key.

That is your starting block. These won't necessarily be the easiest choices, but by choosing you, your body will be grateful and reciprocate accordingly.

Book a call to discuss how we can help you to start making prioritising YOU


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