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What drives you to be more?

More you?

What pushes you to challenge your core beliefs and in doing so, encourages you to grow?

We have all been lost at one point or another. Understanding that we don't want to repeatedly come back full circle to the things that clip our wings; allow us to spiral downwards or simply stop us reaching our full potential is the first step to realising we want more for ourselves. Our self worth, our happiness.

Sometimes, you need to literally think out of the box and stop restricting yourself to "it'll do" or "this is all I am capable of" or " I'm too old to make substantial change "

You have as much potential as the next person. If you choose to challenge yourself to be more you risk possibly being a lot more satisfied with life, surrounding yourself with a wise, influential and proactive community and exceeding your own expectations of this life.

Don't waste energy on the stuff that isn't serving you except to drag you down. Find what it is you love and take a risk, invest in yourself and in doing so you might just find your true purpose.


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