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I am the worst for sleep and it was only getting worse as (per scientific data it seems) was inevitable (due to ageing) . I knew I really needed to change things instead of trying to burn the candles at both ends. Learning more and more about the importance of sleep and how the lack of it is eroding our society's health on so many levels was something of an eye opener! I just hated feeling knackered and the multiple bags under my eyes.... Seems there are far more concerning things than bags and that we really need to consider sleep as the third pillar of wellness.

The effects of lack of sleep include:

🤔40% reduction in making memories

🙄30% more likely to develop Dementia or Alzheimer's

One night of poor sleep can reduce immune fighting cells by 70%

😴The WHO have declared that night shift work is a probable carcinogen due to the disruption of the circadian rhythm

🤒Regularly getting less than 6hrs of sleep a night can result in gene distortion, switching off the immune fighting genes and turning on the genes that cause tumours, chronic inflammation, stress and cardiovascular disease

🙍‍♂️Men who only have 4-5 hrs of sleep will have the testosterone levels of a man 10 years older thereby ageing us in terms of wellness by a decade. This is the same. For women's reproductive health.

Ref: the sleep Institute

Getting enough sleep is required to improve muscle gain and for those on a weight loss plan to lose weight. Sleep deprivation will hinder those efforts.

How to improve your sleep:

Create a healthy bedtime routine

Avoid caffeine and alcohol at night

Ensure your room is cool (18°C)

No screens - mobile, tv, tablets etc

Ensure your room is dark (blackout curtains or eye mask)

Keep to a regular sleep schedule try to avoid deviating from this at the weekends.

I hope you start prioritising your sleep more, you deserve it! 😴😴😴


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