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Relieving Muscular Pain, Stress, Tension and Anxiety

If you're sitting at a desk right now or craning your neck over your mobile phone reading this then you already have probably experienced pain in your neck, shoulders, back and hips and no amount of moving about, stretching in between your office hours or having a quick walk seem to relieve those aching nagging pain. If that isn't enough then the stress of work, relationships and day to day life can become overwhelming and sometimes it feels like we cant breathe.

So what do we do? We've all experienced this in one form or the other and in reaction to this take long hot baths, massages, ice packs, foam rolling or maybe are just taking tablets to numb the pain in one way or another. But what if there was another way, that naturally worked with your body and the way it moves and could relieve the pain on a more long term basis. Using methods that you could refer back to and feel freer within your body?

I will be running a FREE ONLINE workshop. If you would like to understand more about how to reduce and relieve symptoms of pain, tension and anxiety through the body. Sign up for this free workshop delving into the Vagus Nerve, Releasing Emotional Stress and Physical Pain through Breath, Stretching and Strengthening exercises. Specifically focusing on the Neck, Shoulders, Back and Hips. TUESDAY 5th OCTOBER 7PM

Why have I decided to offer this?

I have personally experienced how certain techniques have helped me to move through things mentally and relieve physical pain in the process as well as alongside working with

with numerous clients over the last 18 years. Recognising the relationship between the physical pain we experience outwardly and the connection to pain that is trapped within us emotionally. Finding ways to reduce or even completely relieve these pain points, utilising a number of recognised methodologies from personal training strengthening work, S&C mobility work and yoga instruction (stretching to breath and energy-work) I continue to expand on my knowledge and work intuitively with each and every client to find the best route forward to long term physical health whilst guiding you on your emotional journey to help release and find your best body within!

How I work with you as the client I chose to work intuitively rather than to a set format as no one body is the same, which is why even in a class of clients I may modify a exercise that suits the client perhaps because of a trigger point or maybe to avoid hypermobilisation or simply because a particular exercise may continue to be useful to one person and not the rest of the class. I work in the same way on a 121 basis. I am not interested in working to a set programme day in day out. Yes I want to challenge you, see progression and build the best YOU, but in the first instance I want to see how your body moves, what it wants to do, what your mind more importantly is willing to do and then challenge your body in a way that is beneficial to you! Creating a tailored plan to help strengthen your body and improve your flexibility whilst also finding a sense of happiness through movement is so much more important for long term mental and physical health and fitness!

To join this workshop, click on the link below on Tuesday 5th October 7pm

Meeting ID: 848 1033 0352

Drop me your email for the passcode at

Come along and join this workshop, it is totally free so what have you got to lose?!


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