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***New Year, New You or Start Now and Get Ahead of the Rest?***

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

How many times do we say...

"well, I'll start in the new year; next week; tomorrow; when the pain subsides; when I'm feeling better; when I've sorted out everything else in my life " ...the list is endless.

We can choose barriers or we can choose to make decisive changes which could impact our lives in a positive way!

If we have maybe 70-80 years on this planet, would you choose a great life or one that you just make do with?

A great life (meaning a life where you truly love yourself and realise your mind and body's true potential... Not the material or aesthetic elements of this life)

Often the smallest decision is the one that might change your life forever and set the ball rolling for greater things. Just making the call, sending the email or dropping a text to me to say "I want to book in with you" is a huge step and actually should tell you you have so much more strength / potential within you then you have perhaps realised!

I genuinely believe that when we come from a mindset of possibility rather than limitation, the opportunities for change, growth and overall improved well-being is limitless.

Don't get me wrong I have spent much of my teens to early thirties being in a place of limitation. Believing that because of this or that circumstance/ability/financial or personal situation that it was simply the lot I had been given and to be thankful for that. It was only when I met and listened to wiser and more enlightened people that I realised I hadn't even realised my potential because I had become trapped in a culture of thinking small (how very British!) Particularly because I was a woman. I had met the media and generational raising of women in the 80s and 90s expectations which was - despite the so called "girl power" of Spice Girls and power women of the 80s - to stay small. It was more, have an opinion but don't really back up that opinion as you'd be seen as being opinionated and troublesome. Not something a man would ever be called! I was quite forthright but I would just as quickly want to appease the majority, so back into my shell I'd go!

Only after having kids and working jobs that worked around them did I think, there is more to this life than this. I was miserable doing crappy office jobs. I struggled being a mum and only being seen as a mum or someone who cleaned the house and "did nothing all day"! I also wanted my body back.

I wanted to go back to what I loved, but of course the fitness industry is fickle and inflexible in encouraging mums back to work due to the shift pattterns. So I set up my own business and took the plunge. In my head I just said " if I fail, at least I tried". Worst case scenario.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I think we have all had points in our life where we have thought "surely there is more to this life".

There is.

Making the decision to prioritise your happiness, whether that's changing jobs, having a side hustle, implementing a healthier lifestyle, opening your mind to new possibilities, getting outdoors... Whatever it is that MAKES. YOU. HAPPIER. Will bring about growth and change and more potential in your life.

When someone steps through the doors of my studio, I know what a huge decision it was to even get there.

If you can make that one decision to step outside of your comfort zone, to invest in yourself, to set in motion change, then imagine what else you can do?!

Never limit yourself because of what you have grown up with or been through, change the rhetoric for positive change.

Now imagine what it is you want for yourself for the next year?

Happiness, peace, to feel stronger, more confident, self belief....

You have the power to change.

No one else has the power to stop you.

And maybe that one decision, that one change,will be the best choice you'll make for the year ahead.

I hope you take a chance to reflect upon what it is you really want for you.

Don't waste another minute on a mediocre existence. You deserve more. Don't wait till 2023 to make those changes!

If one of those things is to improve your health, fitness or mindset then drop me a message

To discuss 121 and semi private personal training or why not join one of our classes at the studio and meet other like minded individuals.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you prioritise yourself this year and the next!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2023!


Maddy x


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