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No One Wants Authenticity

Our lives have become subjected to criticism from every level. Physically, Financially, Materialistically, Emotionally and so forth.

I try to be completely authentic in what I do. I am honest but not to the point of wanting to bore the tits off people. I motivate in the same way i motivate myself and I wholeheartedly believe in everything I say.

But somehow in this increasingly fake and pretentious wellness industry it is hard to be a voice of reason and sense when so much crap is being spouted, to make people feel less in order to make them feel they need to be more.

More of what exactly? At what point was being fit and healthy not enough. At what point did the size of our arse or removing carbs become so much more important than enjoying life. When did steroid use in gyms become par for the course rather than a massive "?" in order to look bigger.

When instead do we start cheering women in peri / menopause for how much more fucking hard work they have had to put in just to stay in shape in an industry that still promotes, for the most part, 20 something girls in gymshark apparel.

When do we celebrate the "normal" achievements of someone losing weight to a sensible level - not cut - just healthy, or, gaining muscle in a natural way through hard work and consistency?

Remaining true to my core beliefs in the way I train my clients has brought only the best type of clients and instructors to my business,

My beliefs being that you make of your body the best that it can be...not someone else's, but your own. Recognise the strengths within your body and maximise them and at the same time, strengthen the weaknesses in your body whilst also finding a sense of calm within your mind. To me understanding the connection between the mind and the body is what brings with it understanding of how your body moves and what it is capable of, but also appreciating how far you have come from where you started.

Our lives are to be lived. Yes, train your body, eat nourishing food but also enjoy what the outside world brings us - nature, friends and opportunities. There is a fine line between being healthy and obsessed. Something that is becoming more and more prevalent in our industry as instructors but also with everyday people.

Over training to reach an aesthetic

I talk about this because i've been there and understand how a passion can become a detriment rather than a benefit to our health. If you are spending more than an hour-hour and half in the gym (unless you're an elite athlete) and you're doing this 5-6 days a are doing too much. If you are dialing in your nutrition so tightly that there is no margin for error (which i hate to break it to you but there will always be an error) on an all year basis then your life is going to be miserable. If your aesthetic is more important than how your body is actually feeling you may want to step back and decide exactly how important that aesthetic is to your life overall. (Harsh i know but in our Social Media world this has to be a big factor!)

Yes we all want to look and feel great, but I promise you, all the above, I did. I thought I looked great (38) and in many ways aesthetically I did...but fuck me, I was tired and looked withdrawn and spent the whole time worrying about what if I ate x,y, z because that would take me over my calories for the day. (I was down to 1300 cals, training 6 times a week at least 2 hrs a day on top of teaching classes (spinning, Hiit)

Listening and working with your body

It was only when I introduced yoga into my training that I actually started to listen to my body. I went on my training to become an instructor and it was so cold (Himalayas) I just ate as often as I could to stay warm. Impressively, I was the only one on the course who gained weight! But it didn't stop me from being strong or flexible. I became more in tune with my body and what it wanted. I'm not saying I "ate all the pies". but I did realise I wanted to actually look strong in the way I felt. Gaining weight suited me better. I have become more accepting of my so called flaws because I know I train to what my body needs and wants not, to the point of exhaustion.

Battering your body in the gym, comes with a price. You will probably feel in fact more lethargic yet struggle to sleep. You will feel more joint pain. More susceptible to injury. Sex drive diminishes (particularly in women) and your social life is governed by your food and drink choices.

My clients come to me to feel strong and sculpted, but not to the detriment of their health. I love seeing my clients leaving with a smile even if they arrived feeling miserable from day to day life. I give my clients the tools to understand their body and work with it not against it in order to get the most from it. Above all, I want my clients to LOVE the body they have. Creating a positive attitude to their body and relationship with food and life.

So if you want to break the mould and not be the poster girl/guy, but become who you are truly meant to be, then #BeTheChange and start training the right way for YOU!


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