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Understanding how to "zone out" is important for the mind, your body and your soul.

We are constantly on the go and if we do not take moments to switch off that constant state of alert, we will burn ourselves out.

If you have ever experienced overwhelm, stress, anxiety or general bodily tension, then these are all signs from your body that you need to do something different.

Remembering to breathe deeply

Allowing yourself to let go of thoughts and feelings that do not benefit you

Taking yourself away from a space or place that is causing upset, anxiety and overwhelm and finding that go to spot to release and relax are important tools that we should all have.

This will allow you to reflect rationally and implement new healthier habits for you whilst lowering those cortisol levels.

No one is perfect.
Everyone is unique.

Understanding we all need "time out" to collect our thoughts and re-establish boundaries and expectations of ourselves and others is important.

It doesn't make you a hard ass, if anything it means you care enough to make your mental, emotional and physical health a priority.

It also doesn't mean you do not care about others. But sometimes prioritising yourself is what you need to do first to make sense of everything.

Ocean Mindfulness

For me getting away to the the ocean is my place of peace. Listening to the waves and the birds and feeling the sun on my skin and being able to meditate on the beach, breathing in the cool fresh air. It might be momentary but it's enough to recharge my batteries and manage life better.

What brings you peace?


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