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You cannot change nor are responsible for someone else's behaviour, whether that is health, fitness, mindset, values and connection.

I see this in so many facets of my own life and others. We keep holding onto this idea we can change a person's behaviour yet it is down to that person to make changes for their own good not ours. If their behaviour is destructive to our own happiness then we should let them go. You are not living their life and they are not living yours.

The clients who come to me, make the decision to make changes, by themselves. They accept they need to do something different, to change the rhetoric and employ new tactics to overcome negative mindset, poor relationships with food and improve their training systems. No one forced them to change, they chose.

I know how frustrating it is to see people close to you who make excuses for various different things they are unhappy with in their lives but do nothing to change this. But ultimately all the advice in the world will not make them change. They have to make that decision for themselves.

And I know it's even harder when those relationships are direct family. But creating distance and reducing communication (provided you've already tried talking about it) can make a world of difference.

Instead, surrounding yourself with people who are like minded, who share the same values as you, is so much more important.

So, this was just a short-ish reminder, to focus on YOU, focus on the changes you want to make for yourself, surround yourself with only those who lift you up (not literally😂) and be proud of how far you've come x


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