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I have been training really hard and I mean really hard.

I have been following my macros and prepped my food every week.

I have been working full time including teaching 3 yoga classes alongside countless warm ups and ab workouts with clients

I have two kids

What haven't I told you....

I don't sleep brilliantly

I don't drink enough water

I end up eating more outside my nutrition plan

And these are all things that are undermining my efforts to achieve the goal that I set myself

I justify all the above with the following excuses:

I stay up late to get business admin done and then I'm up early for training plus I have disturbed sleep.

I have never been a great water drinker and even less so in the winter time despite having had kidney issues when I was very young so I know the importance even more so.

I struggle with the cold and I could blame it Reynauds syndrome but predominantly I just want to stay warm so eat more plus when I'm tired I want to eat more

Any of this resound with you?

We are our greatest champions but can also be our greatest demon.

Recognising and owning up to ourselves is the first step to making changes.

They may have to start small.

Maybe an extra glass of water a day, going to bed 30mins earlier, logging our food intake and deciding to have a hot drink instead of something else to nibble.

But creating and implementing these small changes can make a significant difference.

The power is literally in your hands. You can choose to live by excuses or choose to make a change.

This is willpower.

It's not making huge changes or restriction it's creating realistic bite size habits that will last.

Whatever your goals or intentions are, finding ways to simplify things will help you to achieve them. However, choosing to ignore and rely on excuse after excuse will simply lead to failure and regret. Choose your hard. Is it harder to make changes or harder to simply put up with something you are not happy with. This is applicable in all areas of our lives, whether it be work, relationships or health.

We all have this one life, make it uniquely yours. Never compromise on what you deserve.

You've got this.


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