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Life IS hard and time is short but it's what you make of it that counts! #noexcuses

I'm 37 and a personal trainer, but i am also a single mum with 2 young boys. I work 3 different jobs, juggle the school run, clubs, homework and also fitting in my own training most days. My only childcare is through a babysitter as I don't have the relative luxury of an ex partner regularly having the kids or parents who live nearby to help out. It really is just me.

My life would quite honestly be easier if I just did a nice 16hr a week job to keep the government happy and didn't pursue something that actually made me much more positive, fulfilled and possibly, my kids proud of seeing their mum try to be the best advocate of going for something even at the risk of failure.

A common theme that I hear from people is that they don't have any time. That their lives are too busy or that they constantly feel exhausted. Yet they managed to make time to watch their favourite tv show, sleep in an extra 10mins or go out at the weekend. This ongoing cycle of not taking care of your body only leads on to more chronic problems, when really you probably could have taken time out from watching that programme or getting up a bit earlier to work on you. The effects of which not only improve your physical health but more importantly your mental health.

Having suffered from depression to the point of being put on medication, I realised the only real way through the fog was to get my arse in gear and start getting back into exercise. It was something I had done on and off for most of my life and initially it started with doing a 20min DVD workout 3 nights a week as this was the only time of the day I had free (when the kids were in bed) at the time i was working a 40+hr week in recruitment as well as the school run, domestic chores etc. Fitness Hack: Diarise time on your mobile like all those other important things such as birthdays and concerts to make sure nothing is going to get in the way of your time to build a better you.

My life has always been quite up and down emotionally and it was only ever through exercise I could "burn off" the rubbish which was filling my mind and making me feel crap.

Suffice to say my fitness like most wavered somewhat to begin with, but the more i set my mind to my training and giving myself, my time, the better and stronger person I became. (See my Life Hacks below ⬇⬇ )

Here's the thing it not only affected how i felt about myself but made me look at things with a bit more of a "fuck it" attitude. I challenged myself to be more and do more, getting into better shape (when i was regularly told "well you're not 21 anymore!"), qualifying as a PT and starting up my business.

The old Maddy would never have taken such a risk, I could talk myself out of pretty much anything because, lets face it, its safer! But was I really happy in the endless list of part time jobs that "fitted around the children" because that's what's expected?!

Rather than whinge about what your life is like, why not try and realise some of the things your life could be like by making small changes. There's a quote I see every time I open my phone and it says:

"If you have time to feel shit, complain and check social media, then you have time to exercise, write down your thoughts, create a list of goals, make a list of things you are grateful for and better yourself"

I have had setbacks, but i have always tried to refocus where i want the business to go and slowly it has built up and bought me some amazing clients who just inspire me to keep going forward as well as other PTs and trainers in the business. But one thing i have never let go is time for me to train. Even if its just 15mins! Never forget YOU! Focus on you and no one else for just one moment in the day because, you deserve your time!

Life Hacks

Sat at a desk all day? Go for a walk during your lunch break - despite the weather! The fresh air really will do you good

Long commute every morning and evening? Get up 20mins early and do some mobility stretches or yoga to refresh your mind and stretch out your body before getting in your car/train

Kids in bed and you feel shattered? Factor in 20mins straight after they've gone to bed to do some strength training, yoga or getting on a stationary bike and pedalling the crap out of it! (Just make sure you do at least 5mins of stretching afterwards to get the heart rate down!)

No time? New to Fitness? Check out my little #oneminuteworkout exercises through my facebook page and join my FitFam Group

Kids driving you up the wall and no other time to do exercise? Take them out to a forest/beach for a walk, find challenging routes that will get your legs pumping and hopefully their legs dropping off! They may complain but it will not only bring fitness into the whole family but also be a great family time together (ok, so you may need some bribery food to get them round if its a bit of a trek but it is worth it and they WILL SLEEP!!!)

Need someone to push you? I offer 121 Transformation Packages which can be done at home, place of work, outdoors or at the gym. For more information check out my Personal Training page or message me for more information I am based out of Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury, Somerset

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